UNIC Director’s visit to Occidental College

UNIC Director Robert Skinner joined Occidental College during their recent UN Week.

Robert Skinner: An Interview from Occidental CDLA on Vimeo.

DC STEM Students, Science and the Sustainable Development Goals

DC Stem Network students visited the National Academy of Sciences to learn more about the importance of science in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


A global campaign to change perceptions and attitudes towards refugees and migrants.

Refugee Olympic Team at the Rio Games

Ten athletes, all forced to flee their home countries, recently participated in the Rio Games as the first-ever Refugee Olympic Team.  UNIC Washington asked people what this extraordinary team’s participation meant to them. See what they had to say below. And to learn more about this amazing team visit UNHCR’s website.



Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Brookland Middle School

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Mayor Muriel Bowser recently visited Washington, DC’s Brookland Middle School to highlight the city’s sustainability efforts. The Secretary-General and Mayor spoke with students and toured the school’s green outdoor classroom, geothermal heating and cooling system and rooftop solar array.