"United Nations peacekeeping is increasingly called on to deploy multi-dimensional operations to help countries transition from conflict to peace, with a significant focus on protecting civilians, including the most vulnerable among them: women and children. " – Ban Ki-moon

Peacekeeping by the numbers

Missions - 16*

Personnel - 109,131

Budget - $7.33 Billion

*Includes UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), a political mission

Source: Peacekeeping fact sheet

UN Peacekeeping Missions

UN Peacekeeping Missions Map











UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara

established: 1991


UN Multidim. Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali

established: 2013


UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti

established: 2004


UN Stabilization Mission in the Dem. Rep. of the Congo

established: 2010


UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan

established: 2002


African Union - UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur, Sudan

established: 2007


UN Disengagement Observer Force

established: 1974


UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus

established: 1964


UN Interim Force in Lebanon

established: 1978


UN Interim Security Force for Abyei

established: 2011


UN Interim Administration in Kosovo

established: 1999


UN Mission in Liberia

established: 2003


UN Mission in South Sudan

established: 2011


UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan

established: 1949


UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire

established: 2004


UN Truce Observation Organization

established: 1948

 Source: DPKO Background Note


Top 10 Financial & Troop Contributors

Financial & Troop contributions














Source: Financing a peacekeeping missionTroop and police contributors          

More Information on Peacekeeping

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2011 UN Peacekeeping Year in Review: http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/publications/yir/yir2011.pdf
UN Research on Peacekeeping: http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/resources/

Interview with the Head of UN Peacekeeping

The Head of UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous, describes the greatest challenges of 2012, and the upcoming priorities for peacekeeping in to 2013.

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